2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

6' Burlap Garland

6' Burlap Garland By: Allstate Floral for the 2015 Costume season.


This 6' Burlap Garland is the kind of thing you might see in a "simple" craft or decorating magazine. The likes of Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray would give detailed (and not necessarily simple) instructions on how to make this and use it in a rustic decor scheme. And they would tell you to use the scraps leftover from making your own scarecrow! If you're just not that crafty but want the look anyway, we have your solution! Hang this garland along a stairway or porch railing, a fireplace mantel, or over a doorway. Or lay it in a wavy pattern around dishes on a buffet table. No matter how you choose to use it, your friends will think you took lessons from Martha!

By Allstate Floral