2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

A Christmas Story Fragile Box Costume

A Christmas Story Fragile Box Costume By: Rasta Imposta for the 2015 Costume season.


Looks like you just won the sweepstakes just like the Old Man did in the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story. Mr. Parker had entered some sort of contest where the prize was left as a surprise and then one day a box ended up at his door. This crate had a word that Mr. Parker had never seen before, "FRAGILE". He kept trying to pronounce it coming up with "Fraa-jeel-aay" which he thinks is Italian. What was inside? A lamp in the shape of a women's leg with a fishnet stocking on which he instantly falls in love with. The person that didn't like it? Mrs. Parker and later on she may have caused something to happen to that lamp. But now you can make people giggle when they recall these great scenes from everyone's favorite holiday movie!

By Rasta Imposta