2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Adult Billy Goat Costume

Adult Billy Goat Costume By: Fun Costumes for the 2015 Costume season.


There is an old story about a group of billy goats, three of them to be exact. These there goats had to make their way across a bridge in order to eat some tasty grass but there was a little issue of a troll living under that bridge. Luckily for the goats they were all pretty smart and tricked the troll into letting them cross by saying the next goat would be bigger. When it came time for the last goat to pass he was big enough to launch that mean troll of the bridge. The goats got to enjoy their grass and the troll found a new home down the river. Now you can look just like one of those goats from story time when you pick up this awesome costume.

By Fun Costumes