2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Axe Cop Costume

Axe Cop Costume By: Rubies Costume Co. Inc for the 2015 Costume season.


There is no greater cop than Axe Cop. He has devoted his life to the job and nothing will ever stop him. When this crimefighter was a baby he lost his parents to a terrible incident involving poisoned candy canes which sparked Axe Cop to become a member of the police force for life. He works the "always shift" which means that he's always on duty and only sleeps for two minutes a night. Another thing this sunglass wearing do-gooder does is hold tryouts for superheroes and other greats to join him in his saving-the-world ways. Now you can look just like this mustachioed superhero in this awesome costume!

By Rubies Costume Co. Inc