2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Green Power Rangers Long Sleeve Costume Shirt

Green Power Rangers Long Sleeve Costume Shirt By: Mighty Fine for the 2015 Costume season.


There is a legend among the Power Rangers of the greatest Ranger to ever have exist, the Green Ranger. His exploits have been recorded in a book that has become required reading for any brand new ranger. But before he became a legend he was just Tommy Oliver who first dawned the green suit as a villain set to destroy the rangers. Under the spell of Sword of Darkness Tommy did the bidding of Rita Repulsa and tried to make the lives of the rangers horrible. But soon he was saved by Jason the Red Ranger and he would later rise to greatness among the ranger ranks. So honor the legend of the Green Ranger is this great costume shirt. Just keep in mind the Dragonzord is not included.

By Mighty Fine