2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Material Girl Sexy Costume Adult Costumes

Material Girl Sexy Costume   Adult Costumes By: La Mendola for the 2015 Costume season.


Sexy Costume - All Madonna wannabes will want to slide into this glitzy Material Girl Costume which includes a gold lame top with cone bra (the cones are quilted, foam-filled cones) and black wide leg pants. Made of 100% polyester, the Material Girl Costume should be hand washed and line dried. Material Girl was a Top Five Hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 List. It is the song Madonna most regrets recording because it has become her nickname throughout her career. Check out our collection of Hollywood Starlet wigs to complete your transformation into the Material Girl! This Material Girl Costume uses the following sizing chart: Small 5-7, Medium 9-11, Large 14-16, X-Large 18-20

By La Mendola