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Steampunk Train Architect Plan Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk Train Architect Plan   Steampunk Costumes By: Miscellaneous for the 2015 Costume season.


Steampunk Train Architect Plan - Costume Craze Exclusive! Professor Whipplefinch was exploring the British high seas, when he recovered a chest full of old steampunk architect plans from a salvaged pirate ship. Now you can own a piece of futuristic history with these original drawings, not available anywhere else! We have teamed up with a local architect to provide these unique steampunk plans and schematics. Perfect for steampunk parties, movie props, and decorating your home or office. Each drawing is carefully hand-brushed with tea for an authentically aged look, and folded the same way maps were stored during Victorian times. The perfect gift for any fan of steampunk! Each plan measures 24 in. x 36 in. Only available at Costume Craze!

By Miscellaneous