2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Toddler Pirate Muscle Costume

Toddler Pirate Muscle Costume By: Disguise for the 2015 Costume season.


It might be tough to cope with, but parents will have to just deal with their kid being a pirate. They probably knew early on... pirate kids often have a propensity to snarl, sneer, and often get tattoos at an early age. They especially love gold coins, be they chocolate or real, and if they use words like, "Yarr," and, "Ahoy," you know what you have on your hands. There's no changing them... it's time to embrace their pirate nature. Be a supportive parent with this Toddler Pirate Muscle Costume. It has everything they want in a pirate costume... tattoos, ragged clothes, and an eye patch. Now you just have to break it to them that they can't get their schooner license until they're 16.

By Disguise