2015 Halloween Costume Ideas

Womens Beemo Costume Hoodie

Womens Beemo Costume Hoodie By: Mighty Fine for the 2015 Costume season.


Finn and Jake found the perfect roommate to share their tree house with. Not only does BMO go on adventures with them, but he/she/it (no one really knows) can play video games like a video game console, he can play music like an MP3 player and he even acts as a pretty decent flashlight. With BMO, it's kind of like having your smart phone turn into your best friend, except with the adorable voice of Niki Yang. Now, with this hoodie, you can look just like the Adventure Time character! Heck, when you wear this cute hoodie, you can even do weird junk when no one's looking, like teach your reflection how to be a real living boy or marry a water bubble.

By Mighty Fine