20022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Boys Infernite Vulk Deluxe Costume

Boys Infernite Vulk Deluxe Costume By: Disguise for the 2022 Costume season.


If a hot lava shower is your idea of a good way to relax, you may be an Infernite Mixel. If you are, and you're planning to wear this Boys Infernite Vulk Deluxe Costume, there are a few thing you need to know about living in the Magma Wastelands--especially if your name happens to be Vulk. Vulk needs all the help he can get. First, keep a level head, even if it's on fire. Second, use your flame jets for extra speed. Finally, watch out when you give someone a high-five--your hands are so hot they might cause a burn!

By Disguise