20022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Deluxe Adult Groot Mask

Deluxe Adult Groot Mask By: Rubies Costume Co. Inc for the 2022 Costume season.


Don't call him a weirdo just because he's made of bark, sprouting leaves, and has branches for limbs! Groot has a serious amount of heart and sensitivity, not to mention the serious amount of damage he can do as a bounty hunter... so, you criminals on the run, you'd better be careful! Lucky for you word has it he's joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and is off running around the galaxy with Star Lord, or possibly (and more likely) growing a new body in a little flower pot, dancing all the way. If you want to have an awesome mask and a limited vocabulary this Halloween, then our Deluxe Adult Groot Mask is the item for you. "I Am Groot!"

By Rubies Costume Co. Inc