20022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Men's Pope Costume

Men's Pope Costume By: Underwraps for the 2022 Costume season.


When you're the Pope, you pretty much get to do whatever you want, Do you have a hankering to go for a ride in an armored vehicle known as the Popemobile? No problem! The Pope gets to take that thing out whenever he wants. Do you sometimes feel like it would be cool to bless one million people at the same time from a marble balcony in Italy? Sure, you get to do that... assuming you're the Pope. Now, we feel like we have to put a disclaimer on here and note that this Pope costume will not actually appoint you the leader of the Catholic church so you can't actually do any of those things mentioned before, but you'll look pretty regal. But the piety? That's up to you.

By Underwraps