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Police Logo Costume T-Shirt

Police Logo Costume T-Shirt By: Rothco for the 2022 Costume season.


On Sale Was $9.99

If you're going to party hard, you might as well do it in a Police t-shirt. Why would anyone do this? Cops aren't known for their hard partying, they're more known for breaking up wild and out of control parties. So, wearing this Police Logo t-shirt is a great way to prepare for the eventual police coming to your mate's house, pounding on the door, and telling everyone to go home. We're not gonna say they'll go easy on you just because you're wearing this t-shirt, but maybe it won't hurt? Actually, we don't know. Scratch all of that... It might be best if you wear this shirt to a friendly dinner party that caps its guests intake at two small flutes of champagne.

By Rothco