20022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Star Trek Starfleet Gold Skater Dress

Star Trek Starfleet Gold Skater Dress By: Mighty Fine for the 2022 Costume season.


You might have thought that it's easy sailing to get posted to a ship like the Enterprise. Nope, not even! You have to finish at the top of your class in Starfleet academy, and even then only the best and brightest get picked by Captain Picard to serve in his crew. The good news? The uniforms are totally dope! This dress us an upgrade to the standard issue uniform and it has all of the comfort and style of a early 21st century skater dress. It's duty approved attire while you're serving on the bridge, but still cute and casual enough to wear for your night out at Ten Forward. Get this dress for a fun Star Trek costume and it might just become your everyday uniform!

By Mighty Fine