20022 Halloween Costume Ideas

Teal Mermaid Long Tail Skirt

Teal Mermaid Long Tail Skirt By: Forum Novelties, Inc for the 2022 Costume season.


Being a mermaid on land might have people asking you if you need a glass of water, and some other interesting questions. That's all right, just kindly explain to them that you DO have lungs like an ordinary person, and while you like to drink water, it's not like you have gills or something. These types of things can happen to mer-people, and the best strategy is to be nice and informative to curious land-folk. When you wear this Teal Mermaid Long Tail Skirt, you should be ready to party, but also partake in some interesting and meaningful conversations about life on land versus beneath the sea... "No, we don't use forks for a comb, silly."

By Forum Novelties, Inc