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Womens Black Power Rangers Costume T Shirt

Womens Black Power Rangers Costume T Shirt By: Mighty Fine for the 2022 Costume season.


Ever wonder how they chose what creatures the Zords would be for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? We like to think that the writers in the room just named off some of their favorite extinct animals. Saber Tooth Tiger? Check. T-Rex? Check. Pterodactyl? Check. Thanks to the guy who finally said 'Mammoth!" Think about it, it could have just as easily been "ground sloth" which lived around thirty million years ago. So, thankfully one of those writers didn't have a fondness for Megatheriidae. Something tells us that would not have looked as awesome on this Black Ranger Costume T-Shirt as the sweet mammoth on the front.

By Mighty Fine