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Womens St. Patricks Day Drunk 1 T Shirt

Womens St. Patricks Day Drunk 1 T Shirt By: Fun T Shirts for the 2022 Costume season.


Every St. Patrick's Day the same thing happens... you go to the bar or the pub and you turn into Drunk 1 and your best friend turns into Drunk 2. Not unlike the Things from the classic storybook, you bounce around the bar with laughter, making mischief and probably causing quite a stir. Now, with our t-shirt, you can truly become a character on St. Patrick's Day with our Drunk 1 T-Shirt! Once you get a beer in your hand, you'll be up to your hilarious ways yet again. Oh! and be sure to check out our Drunk 2 t-shirt as well to become the infamous duo.

By Fun T Shirts