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Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit

Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit By: Cinema Secrets for the 2022 Costume season.


Cinema Secrets Woochie EZ FX Accessory Kit Our Kits Come With Quality Makeup Realistic movie style makeup and prosthetics Includes: blood gel, injury makeup, sponge and detailed instructions. A stack of five cream-based makeup colors that are used in creating bruises, injuries and wounds. Blood Gel - A darker, thicker version of the FX Blood, designed to stay in place. For a thick, gooey effect, use a cotton swab and apply to the desired areas. For a scraped/road rash look, use a Black Stipple Sponge and apply the Blood Gel over the top of appropriately made up area using a quick swiping

By Cinema Secrets